where is Joburgs next generation?

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andrew p
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Re: where is Joburgs next generation?

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coach, I am always keen to take out talented kids, have done so in the past. Bring your kids to the crag on any given weekend and I will psyche them! Just call me to see where I am heading. I can even take them in my car if there's room.
If the not so decent gyms put some decent grips onto the walls I will definately come. But not to Kya Sands as its too far for me.
In case you thought I had a thing against the not so decent walls...I paid for the St Peters wall fix-up couple years back (R20,000).
I love to climb with the youth, I have even bolted climbs for them to open and taught them the colorful vocabulary of the crags, ask Dylan, he would still be a nice young lad if it were not for me.
Lets do this!
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Re: where is Joburgs next generation?

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Andrew, your are well respect and every one knows the contributions you have made to climbing, it would be great if we could close the GAP between indoors and out doors, I'm sure you have seen what is happening over seas. More and more people are realizing you have to work hard indoors and outdoors to push the level one can climb at.

We have for some time been planning a Descent Gym with Descent grips, challenge is we have very specific requirements in terms of the location and type of space that would suit such a Gym, we have been let down once or twice but are getting closer.

Would be great to catch up and share some ideas. We have so many people come through who naturally want to migrate to Rock, it would be great if we could come up with a way of connecting the new indoors community with the established and respected outdoors community.
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