Highest Mutipich Bolted route???

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Re: Highest Mutipich Bolted route???

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Ja I think a lot of the routes there are sponsored by local councils/government as tourist attractions - bummed I can re-find the article that I read about it. The name 'Grosse Turm' just means 'big tower' not very specific!

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Re: Highest Mutipich Bolted route???

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Garvin I don't know the answers to your questions but I can offer the following.
Of the steep and hard sport routes in the Western Cape Newborn is 230 m and the Milner routes (Liquid Sky, Automatic for the People etc) are a little longer - around 250 m - would be my guess. I would imagine these are the longest sport routes in the WC, and certainly the longest hard-and-steep sport routes.

Warren, the longest trad routes are easy and low-angle routes like Arrow and Right Face on TM, Cameron's Ridge on Witteberg, Currie's Ridge to the left of NW Face on Du Toits Peak, Milner Frontal, etc. There are many 700m+ routes.

If you look at a step up in terms of steepness and hardness, then there are vertical routes like Renaissance and North by Northwest (Northwest face of Du Toits Peak), Duiwels Direct and the other routes in Duiwelskloof, etc.

Of the hard and very-steep trad routes in SA, the longest are A Private Universe (Slanghoek) 500m, Rapture (Klein Winterhoek Amphitheatre) 500m and Mediocrity (Upper Milner Amphitheatre).
Maybe the Adam Roff/ Bobby Woods route on Ben Heatlie is of similar length but I'm not sure.
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