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Africa Amphitheatre Routes (Table Mountain)

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 10:44 am
by Hilton
Hello fellow climbers

I have cleaned and updated the wiki for Africa Amphitheatre. It now includes Roof of Africa.

Just to clarify: Africa Amphitheatre is the big wall on Table Mountain facing Cape Town. It's the same size as Yellowwood and Blouberg (250m). But Africa Amphitheatre is also the name of the first route to climb straight up the amphitheatre. There are some older wiggly routes that avoid the main steeps: Africa Face, Gardener Crag, Gardener Wall and Avernus.

Also uploaded a photo topo with lines for Africa Amphitheatre 20, Africa Safari 22 and Roof of Africa 28. They're all a bit sandbaggy and hard for their grades.

The stories of the first ascents of Africa Safari and Roof of Africa can be found at Click on Magazines and then click on Back Issues. Safari is in Issue no.53 and Roof is in no. 65

Currently Tinie Versfeld and I are working a new line on the right, and Richard Halsey and I are working a new line on the left. More later..

I am completely in love with this place and can't recommend it enough. And for those who might be reluctant to take on 10 pitches, there are escape options. After a couple of pitches there is the Right Face-Arrow Face Traverse for a walk-off (complete with amazing natural tunnel). And there are good chain rap points on Safari that can be easily reached from all three routes. Right in the middle of Cape Town we have a medium-big wall comparable to the best in South Africa with unbelievably easy access. I hope you will find some joy here too!