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3 Possible loose boulders on final pitch of Rainbow crag - Lion's head

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:46 pm
by Heinrich1981
Hello everyone,

Myself and a friend have very recently climbed Rainbow Crag on Lion's head. We saw some boulders on the third and final pitch that look dodgy.

As he was about to pull onto the ledge that leads to the entrance of the cave/wormhole, (to the left of a large tree) he noticed a boulder (almost in the form of a fin) that looked very dodgy to him. As you start pulling up onto the ledge, one's natural instinct would be to pull on this fin to help you get over the ledge.

He warned me about this fin and marked it with chalk so that I knew which boulder he was referring to. He noticed another dodgy boulder behind the first dodgy boulder (fin), more to the right. As you enter the cave, he found a third one. He warned me not to pull or step unto these 3 boulders.

With a little care and precision, it is easy to avoid stepping/pulling on these 3 boulders. In retrospect, I should have taken pictures of these boulders to make it easier for future climbers to identify these boulders, but at that stage I was just too focused on avoiding those boulders at all costs.

We didn't even touch these boulders, so we cannot say 100% for sure that these are loose boulders.

I would hate to be the guy who unnecessarily "cries wolf", but I think I owe it to the rest of the climbing community to warn them about boulders that look dodgy in my opinion.

Stay safe and enjoy every minute out there in our beautiful mountains.