Sidewinder, Rocklands Glue-in Anchor Spinning

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Sidewinder, Rocklands Glue-in Anchor Spinning

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I was on Sidewinder, the 26 in the corner of the Cattle Rustler sector and noticed one of the top anchors was spinning. The route has old bolts but the anchors are brand new glue-ins. Maybe the cement didn't set correctly? Just wondering if the re-bolter is around since it seems brand new.

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Re: Sidewinder, Rocklands Glue-in Anchor Spinning

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If a bolt is not set into the rock, as per common practice across the globe, the lateral forces causes torque that directly acts on the epoxy, instead of a "set-in" bolt that will disperse these forces into the rock and SS316/titanium, thus the epoxy is the weakest component in the system and could fail to keep the bolt in place, as you've observed and lived to tell the tale. Many glue-in bolts in the western cape have not been set into the rock and therefore pose a risk, especially at more overhanging crags.

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Re: Sidewinder, Rocklands Glue-in Anchor Spinning

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I have asked about and still busy. Wasn’t rebolted by original Bolter nor the ARF teams. Will keep at it and try sort out
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