New routes at Aussenkehr

New Areas. New routes. Retrobolting. Add-ons. Re-grading. etc.
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New routes at Aussenkehr

Post by Antonie »

Three new routes were recently opened in Kings Throne Canyon, Aussenkehr in Southern Namibia.
Arjan de Kock openend a splendid line, Braffie van die Kaap at 26 and also Swing both ways at 19
Niel Anderson openend Sunnyside at 23

According to inscritions in the climbers book at the nearby Norotshama River Resort a recent climbing party also openend some trad lines.

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Trad lines at Kings Throne Canyon

Post by Q20 »

We also opened 2 trad lines about a year and a half ago. There was no climbers logbook at Norotshama River Resort at the time but there is a topo in the 2006 UCT MSC journal. For those who are interested here is a brief description:

From the base of the Watchtower area, walk up the canyon at that level for a few mins until you see a fairly obvious crag about 40m high with a continuous dihedral crack line on the right hand side. Warzone (18 ) follows this line, while Shrapnel (18 ) goes up the thinner crack line about 10m to the left. Walk off down a gully to the left of the crag.

On the opposite side of the canyon in particular, it appears that there could be a lot of great crack lines, but the main problem is finding rock of consistent quality… Nonetheless it is certainly a worthwhile stop on the way to Spitkoppe.
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Post by steveB »

Is the cliff/canyon visible from the Orange river?
I noticed a lot of good looking rock on the banks of the river, but I seem to remember Aussenkehr was the long flat section...
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Post by Antonie »

Kings Throne Canyon is visible from the road running through Aussenkehr with the turn off near the cell phone tower. The canyon is on private land - please pay the entrance fee to the Aussenkehr park of N$/R 20 p/p (for the duration of the stay) at the Norotshama River Lodge at Aussenkehr.
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Post by Pony »

Its a beautiful place,and some good lines like Crack-a-go-go and White Doves down at road level where you can belay from the back of your bakkie.
In my opinion,however,climbing should not take place on the upper slopes of the canyon.These slopes are very loose and fragile,and any traffic will have a big impact.
When climbing on the Watchtower it feels like the whole crag could crumble down into the canyon...adds to the grade!
Still,its worth a visit,like climbing in a western movie.
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Re: New routes at Aussenkehr

Post by DamageINC »

Hi, we heading up to Aussenkehr Resort soon. On their website they make mention of Sports routes - 15-22 grade. Anyone got any more info on this or perhaps a TOPO...? Assuming this is public access and don't need to be staying at resort?

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