Affordable goose down sleeping bag???

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Affordable goose down sleeping bag???

Post by mikyw »

I need a new sleeping bag and look for 0 c goose down sleeping bag. Just wondering if anybody know about sleeping bags here and have bought Hyke,Timberbrother or Naturhike? They are the most affordable brand I found so far...I don't know goose down can get so expensive but really need somthing compact and light..Any suggestion please?

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Re: Affordable goose down sleeping bag???

Post by mokganjetsi »

duck down is the in-thing and most affordable bags will use the same; goose-down has better properties but more expensive. duck is still way better than synthetic though imho.
have seen a naturehike bag and it seems good quality. brand is still new though so proper reviews will take time to filter through.....
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Re: Affordable goose down sleeping bag???

Post by Fabian »

Recommend the First Ascent Explorer. Full duck down. 1.2kg. R2k at Mountain Mail Order with members discount *(I see they bumped the price up now, damn). Got one last month for fish river. If you need something warmer then Ice Breaker, but it's much heavier and pricey.
Couldn't find anything close in terms of value locally.
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Re: Affordable goose down sleeping bag???

Post by Joshiva »

Like Fabian said :thumright , First Ascent make great, affordable sleeping bags with a 92/8 Goose down filling. A great local brand with fantastic after-sales service! You can copy the below URL to check out the CityROCK gear shop/ Mountain Mail Order selection.

Heat capture is all about how much loft or how "puffy" the filling in the baffles is as this traps the warm air coming off your body and stops cold air from entering the bag. The cleaner the down product, the warmer it's going to keep you. Sleeping bag liners are a great way of increasing the insulation in a sleeping system as well as keeping the sleeping bag clean for extended periods of use. Sea to Summit and First Ascent produce a range of liners available locally which pack up tiny.
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