Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

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Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

Post by Spaniel »

So I stumbled apon a sports gear store in Centurion (Decathlon) and they have gear for almost any sport (from horse riding to karate to trail running). What surprised me is the extremley low prices. I saw that all the gear hed different brand names (that I have never seen before) but it seems like all the brands are owned by the Decathlon company. All the products seem like they are pretty good quality. I baught myself a trail running vest for R600 and I can definitley say that its very good quality (one might even compare it to the north face and other reputable brands).


I saw that they have some rock climbing gear like the 70m 9.5mm dynamic rope (R2100) in the picture below (which is made in france I might add) but like the other brands, I have never heard of this brand before. Can anyone vouch for the quality?

TLDR: Is this Simond rope going to keep me alive?

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Re: Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

Post by RyanKarate »

I’m on my 3rd Simmond rope.

1st was a 80m 10mm - was great. I made a point to take 2-3 proper lead falls every time at the gym. That’s climbing 2-3 times a week over about a year and a half. It’s still well alive (Shortened a few times) and I still trust it - but it’s swollen and too thick now to easily belay through a grigri.

2nd - 35m 10mm gym rope. It’s lasting better than the above 10mm. Not swelling as easily. It’s rough outer sheath is great for durability but a little sticky through a gri gri. I would def buy again. But I haven’t seen new stock of it in about a year.

3rd - 70m green 9,5mm. What a great rope! So smooth and pliable. Super slick so be careful to let a newbie belay with it. It’s fast through a gri gri! Should roughen up and swell a little over time and become “safer” in that regard.

Yes they are great! DONT BUY THE SIMMOND SHOES. They are like climbing with ice skates on!
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Re: Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

Post by AndrewV »

Simond have been around for a loooong time
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Re: Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

Post by mdemaillard »

I haven't got Simond gear myself but am confident their gear is safe and would get some for me, as the brand is old and specific to mountaineering gear, Decathlon in general has a good rep and anyway big group like that working in Europe couldn't afford selling dangerous crap.

longer version
Decathlon is a french company, and was developed by a supermarket chain owner to apply the supermarket model to the sport equipment industry.
It succeeded very well by allowing an introduction in lots of sport with comparatively cheaper gear than found in historical small sport shops and dedicated brands. For a long time, it meant get cheap Decathlon gear to try a sport out, if you like it then when worn out switch to more expensive gear. Especially cool to allow kids to try multiple sports.
Quechua and Tribord are some of their brands that you see everywhere in France for casual hobby sport for example.
Over the years they did broaden their range with more expensive and better quality gear, and incorporated existing brands, as is the case for Simond.

My first climbing shoes 20 years or so ago came from there (no brand) and allowed me to try out climbing without breaking the bank, so i was happy about it. Now i know better and recognize they were value for money, meaning mostly crap :lol: but still fulfilled well their purpose.
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Re: Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

Post by Chris F »

Decathlon have been around for a long time in Europe, Simond even longer, but owned by Decathlon for about 10 years now. All Simond gear complies with all standards and ceritifcation and is decent quality. The climbing shoes, however, are more aimed at the beginner / average climber market, and the kids climbing shoes are great.

Decathlon label their own brand stuff according to the sport; Wed'ze for skiing, Domyos for gym stuff, B'Twin for cycling, Kalenji for running etc etc. Most of the stuff is pretty decent quality for the leisure user, but not top of the range, and is generally priced well. They did one of the first pop up tents, and the airbeam tents are apparently good.

I've never had any issues with the stuff I've bought, the running shell I got is great, packs down tiny and has taped seams to meet with race regulations.

Their kites are pretty good too, I've owned a Wing 165 for about 15 years now, and it's pretty indestructible.
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Re: Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

Post by BAbycoat »

In my experience, Simond ROCKS.

Their stuff is all designed, manufactured and tested by a group of climbers in Les Houches (the affordable town just down the valley from Chamonix). I've always found their stuff above-average quality and below-average price. (think: quality in-between Black Diamond and Arcteryx; price similar to Fixe/RockEmpire/Kong)

It can be hard to get their stuff outside Europe; I'll buy Simond over other gear whenever I have the chance. Currently I'm using Simond snow pants and soft shell; and I treasure my set of Spider quickdraws, which remain my "go-to" solid-gates for tight situations and/or big adventures, still out-performing new 'draws even after 10+ years of hard use.

Decathlon is a huge European store - a lot like Sportsman's Warehouse, just with more in-house brands, offering better value. They bought over Simond a few years ago to incorporate as their in-house climbing brand.

In fairness - it seems like Decathlon may have "dumbed-down" Simond for the mass-market. Comments on their climbing shoes are underwhelming. And they've stopped producing the (awesome) Spider quickdraw in favour of the Rocky wiregate.

You'll probably get at least an average rope, and you may get an awesome rope.

If you're eager to quantify your rope choice, collect all the rope specs and compare to your alternatives; here's a great template to start with: ... cRope.html

Simond is all UIAA rated, so you'll be safe with their products ... ck-Diamond

However, some users have complained about Simond ropes having a "hard Catch" (which will probably show up in a smaller "Dynamic Elongation" rating) ... pes-651734

Enjoy the shopping!
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Re: Is Decathlon climbing gear good? (Brand: Simond)

Post by BAbycoat »

PS - for what it's worth, I've climbed above 6,500 in the Himalayas with some Decathlon gear.

The only issue I had was a small crampon-snag in my trousers, which is mostly user-error. (Admittedly, top-of-the-range trousers would have a more tailored profile to reduce snags. Decathlon products tend to cut down on "frills" like tailoring, but their basic functionality is highly reliable).
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