Mammut Smart Alpine

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Mammut Smart Alpine

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Does anyone know where I might be able to find a Smart Alpine in SA?


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Re: Mammut Smart Alpine

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It does not look like Mammut is making the Smart Alipne anymore - its not on their website anymore, they only have the smart 2.0 and the tube style devices.
Take a look at the Edelrid GigaJul - similar setup but its really great that it has 3 different modes to use it in ( Assisted breaking, Normal tube style and Auto blocking mode, check out ... d-giga-jul

And if you do want the device I see that MMO has stock.
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Re: Mammut Smart Alpine

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i actually use the Microjul for lead belaying. The Microjul is great for safe belaying on skinny ropes, it locks automatically, but it sucks at everything else. so i carry a regular ATC (guide) for abseiling (and as a backup belay device).
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Re: Mammut Smart Alpine

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Considered the Alpine Smart for a while, but went with the Mega Jul - I really like it for belaying lead and I haven't had any issue abseiling with it (I don't use the blocking mode when abseiling, so it's much the same as using an ATC). I haven't had any issues using it in guide-mode either, but if I thought it likely my second would need to be lowered then I'd probably consider using the ATC... but, then again, I might just go with an indirect belay.

I regularly use the Mega Jul with 10 and 10.1 single ropes and 8.5 half-ropes.
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