Van Life for Sale! Mercedes Sprinter

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Van Life for Sale! Mercedes Sprinter

Post by Epicurus » Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:37 pm

I’m selling my Mercedes Sprinter van which is fully kitted out with a bed, fridge and mini kitchen inside. I’ve been traveling around in it for more than a year now and I absolutely love my van!!! It’s truly is unstoppable... but I’m leaving South Africa for a while and need to find it a new home :)

Here is some info on her:

- Mercedes Sprinter 308D - 1998 (I’m pretty sure)
- It has about 382 000 km on the clock (I did 15 000 of them myself).
- I have a relatively large amount of history on the van from the previous owner and myself. (Apart from doing work on the interior. I've changed a pipe or two in the engine, some wiring and the shocks!)
- Roof is NOT extended and extra high... the roof high inside is approx 170 cm!! Important to note... I cannot stand! I have no problem with this with the way I use my van, but this is an issue for some people, so please keep this in mind.
- Engine is original OM601 engine (famously unstoppable... when people buy old sprinters, this is the engine they are looking for. It has NEVER broken down, it has NEVER overheated, it has NEVER not started. I’ve driven 15000 km in this van and done some of the bigger passes in the western cape. Two separate mechanics have used the word “bulletproof” when describing the OM601... it makes me feel safe. The only issue I ever had was my carburettor rod had a worn coupler. A shoelace fixed it immediately and 10000 km later a permanent solution was put in place.
- The interior has recently been redone to a degree and the electrics are all new. The fridge comes with the van, the deep cycle battery does not however. All the lights in the van work of the battery, and the sockets all work when plugged in via the caravan port on the exterior to a mains.

I was wanted to do a bit more work on the van and small components before selling it, but it seems I will not have the time. Currently it is perfectly drivable and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to drive it across the country if it were needed. More things like locks, buffing of the paint, and a few finishing touches need to be done, but I'll happy give you a list of EVERYTHING i know about :)

I was hoping to sell it for around R80 000 once I had completed all the work on her, but since I have not managed to do so with the time I have, I am VERY open to negotiation in order to make sure you can either enjoy working on it yourself, or you can afford to take it to someone to immediately have it brought up to the level which you desire.

My camera on my phone has some issues so the photos aren't the best. Also struggling to upload them all. Message me and I'll send you all the pics and we arrange for you to check it out if you're keen, I'd love to show it to you :)

Currently in the Southern Suburbs. My number is (OH)79 522 1533

Many thanks,

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