Various Missing items like MCSA helmets

Did you forget you favourite boots at the crag? Or, did you find some quickdraw on the 4th bolt of some route?
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Various Missing items like MCSA helmets

Post by Gobsmacked » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:39 pm


For a long time now I have been wondering where a helmet of mine has got is a BD Tracer Helmet from a few years ago - it is blue and somehow it must have been lent to someone - so I thought I would ask if anyone has seen it. It has my name written inside and most likely has an MCSA sticker on it.

In the same vein - the MCSA JHB has lost track of or lent without receiving back various items - such as helmets- over the years and I thought how great it would be if, before NEW ones get purchased, we asked around and received some of them back. SO - if you maybe have something you borrowed and never returned it would be a great time to think of doing this.

Thank You

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