The Bird

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The Bird

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The Bird. RIP Good Sir. From Patagonia to Yosemite and Alaska. Thanks for inspiring a whole generation.
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keith james
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Re: The Bird

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Indeed, Andy... Jim Bridwell was one of the greats, not just for his iconic leadership of his generation, but most notably for his seminal routes. As you would know...
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Re: The Bird

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Re: The Bird

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What a legend. Always has and always will be my all time favourite. Absolutely crazy what this machine has done during his climbing days.
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Re: The Bird

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I met him in Yosemite in 1984 and then again with my family at the Wild Willies Hot springs. He was in his seriously grungy ancient old blue pimped up van guiding a very swanky rich client in a sparkling million rand SUV. Funny watching the interaction with him coughing over his fags and coffee, while the client swooned.

My kids found it rather funny and could not believe that he is one of the greatest climbers of the Yosemite golden years... Gave them the story to read about the plane that went down with all the dope.

Then we went to the hot springs where everyone was naked. Ouch.

RIP ole bird! ... ot-springs ... e-w209503/
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