Firecracker Free!!

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Firecracker Free!!

Post by Hilton »

Firecracker on Witteberg, between Thunderbolt Direct and Exposure in F Major got its first free ascent!

Guy Paterson-Jones, Andy Court and myself (Hilton Davies) sent the route over the weekend. We spent Saturday night half way up the wall.

The original route, opened by Hannes Boshoff and Phil Dawson in 1974 has had a big and scary reputation. The pitches were graded G1, F1, F3, F2A1, F2A2, A1, F2A1, F1, F3A1, F3A1, F3A2, F2, then finishing on the easy pitches of Exposure. It's a big and scary route.

Between us we've done a couple of big, scary routes and we feel this is one of the most challenging we've done. Tinie Versfeld and I had previously freed up to half way in 2017. This time every pitch was sent first time, onsight, except for pitch 3 which I had led before. We each got one mega heinous onsight pitch.

Story to follow, if Justin wants it..

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Re: Firecracker Free!!

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We all want it!
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Re: Firecracker Free!!

Post by justin »

Justin wants it (we all want it!!) :hapban

Well done guys :thumleft:
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Re: Firecracker Free!!

Post by mokganjetsi »

WOW! can't wait to read the full story!
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Re: Firecracker Free!!

Post by Hector »

Well done guys! Definitely want the story (plus pics!)
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Re: Firecracker Free!!

Post by hendriks »

you guys are absolutely crushing. Any massifs left in the region you haven't opened or freed something?

Can't wait for the story and pics.
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Re: Firecracker Free!!

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Definitely want to read the whole story. Well done!! Wow
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