"30 Something" The Mine - Correct Line

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"30 Something" The Mine - Correct Line

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I was taking a look at the route "30 Something" at the Mine, while on King Freddie a few days ago. I was thinking of trying the route but now I am not sure where the line goes/ends.

In the latest Western Cape Rock, it seems to indicate the line ends at the large ledge on the same level with the chains of King Freddie and Locomotion.

The route has been rebolted with new glue-ins to the ledge. I didn't see any further new bolts higher up (maybe I just missed them). There were no chains at the ledge so I just assumed that you would finish on the ledge, traverse across, and use the chains on King Freddie to clean it.

However, when looking at the 2005 guidebook, it seems to indicate that the line actually breaks through the roof above the ledge and on to the face above.

Anyone know the correct line?

Grant :mrgreen:

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Re: "30 Something" The Mine - Correct Line

Post by Garron »

The line goes through the roof above King Freddie and ends about 1m above the lip. I don't think there were ever proper lower offs and I recall just cleaning it by downclimbing the roof. It was not a very nice route, so I would not be surprised if the bolts were just removed.
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Re: "30 Something" The Mine - Correct Line

Post by NatureBoi »

Hi Grant,
Maybe when the route was ARF'd they decided not to go up for some reason.
When we ARF routes we have an ideal opportunity to improve the route.
Sometimes we add/ remove bolts, shift lower-offs, prevent potencial groundfalls e.t.c.
ARF has a stringent quality control system, get hold of Andy he will be able to tell u whom bolted the route and u might find out why route was changed.
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