Loose blocks Atlantic Wall Lion's Head

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Loose blocks Atlantic Wall Lion's Head

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There are three stacked blocks at the start of pitch one. The third block is an obvious hand hold for a pull up, but moved easily and would probably take out the belayer if it came down. We are visiting climbers and decided not to trundle it in case it took a bad bounce and kicked off the ledge and headed down to the hiking trails below. There is also a loose block on the ledge just before the belay at the end of the third pitch, but this one is smaller and more obviously detached, thus giving more visual warning to the climber that it should not be touched.

Perhaps these loose blocks are well known and accepted risks for local climber. If not, we hope this warning is helpful and hope that some locals can find a safe way to remove these hazards.

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Re: Loose blocks Atlantic Wall Lion's Head

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Lion's Head is not our proudest rock.
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