Employment offered - Ram Mountaineering

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Employment offered - Ram Mountaineering

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Ram Mountaineering is a small company which imports and distributers some of the world's best outdoor brands (www.rammountain.co.za) We are a team of enthuisatic outdoor adventures who have a passion for quality gear. :thumright

Ram Mountaineering invites applications for the position of sales manager to the national outdoor chain stores.
The Core focus of the job will be to bring a systematic approach to building our sales of recreational equipment in the chain stores

The position is quite senior and the candidate should have the following qualities :
- a strong self starter and organised thinker / worker
- confident sales person, capable of organising other people
- practical, problem solver
- willing to travel, enjoy coaching others
- experience in the outdoor industry (retail, wholesale or service provider)
- be very familiar with Excel, Pastel and general computer based communication skills
- be able to function as part of a young and dynamic team
Active participation in some form of outdoor adventure activities and a passion for outdoor gear will be an asset

Please contact :
Simon Larsen

RAM Mountaineering
Tel: 021-532 0549
Cell: 083 3085855 Email: info@rammountain.co.za
Fax: 021-531 2844 Web: http://www.rammountain.co.za

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