Cape Town: Jan. 29 -> Feb. 5

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Cape Town: Jan. 29 -> Feb. 5

Post by ChrisSG » Mon Jan 23, 2006 12:22 am

I am visiting Cape Town next week, scoping the area out for a possible move here later in the year. More than anything else, I want to go climbing. Table Mountain or I could hire a car. There looks to be far too much climbing and far too little time. What can't be missed?

If anyone wouldn't mind showing an errant Canadian some rocks, I would be psyched. I have been slaving away on a PhD thesis the last few months so I can't climb too hard. Trad lead 5.9 these days (that's about 19 right?). I have climbed for over 10 years: trad, sport, ice, alpine. I'm efficient, fast, safe. I have a weakness for long routes and long days.

Anyways, if you want to share any beta (can't miss spots, places which will be easy to find people to climb with) or want to hook up for some climbing, email me... ... I fly out on Thursday, so let me know before then so I know what to pack.



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