i need of some insight for a thesis.pls

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i need of some insight for a thesis.pls

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hi there to anyone who can help.

I'm in the process of completing an architectural degree and and needed some help with some understanding of the climbing situation in Cape town.
my thesis is dealing with the lost heritage of mining forms in the Cape.

So ideally i would like to tie this in with climbing and the other outdoor activities which take place in and around table mountain area, as most of these old quarries left behind are possible climbing or leisure routes.

i therefore need some insight into which quarries are perhaps seen as the most popular as well as have the possibility of catering for a heritage structure of sorts and a outdoor active lifestyle center such as a climbing school etc and a place to obtain info on routes etc.

i would really appreciate any insight into the matter and some feed back if such a place or idea is even relevant.


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Re: i need of some insight for a thesis.pls

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Higgovale Quarry and the quarry on De Waal drive both have climbing routes but are seldom climbed at because of the risks of mugging etc. Also the climbing is not very good (blasting and other quarrying techniques fracture the rock and make it likely that large pieces will detach). I know they also have trance parties in the quarry on De Waal drive.

I would not recommend either of these sites as a venue for the heritage center/climbing school/lifestyle center. Although they are probably one of the few climbing areas where you would be able to build anything as most (all?) of the others are in the National Park and the land would have to be deproclaimed by a Cabinet meeting. Which is unlikely to happen unless you run a toll road and need a party venue for your business...
Happy climbing
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