Are the chains on hiking trails safe

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Are the chains on hiking trails safe

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So its Friday and I am looking for a debate. The recent events on the bolting of India Venster raised a few amazing viewpoints. Which I would like to persue. It was mentioned by a couple of users that they did not feel that chains were safe. They were told that they were a bunch of idiots, but I would like to hear why they have this opinion. Do they feel that it is safer than nothing but still unsafe?

My opinion is that the chains on Lions head are unsafe, not because of the chains but the fact that the rock has been polished to a shine that would bring a tear to a sadistic sargeant major's eye and there is a trail that by passes this that is asctually quite nice and only takes a few minutes longer. I am also quite an overweight fellow (actually truthfully I am a fat bastard who has been relegated to climbing on the kiddies wall at the climbing gym) and find it easier to climb on the rock where I get better traction for my legs than trying to haul my fat arse up chains with my arms.

Does anyone have stats for accidents in areas that previously did not have chains and do now? Maybe kloof corner.

Ps I was for the changes made to India Venster and this is not a debate about what was or has been done, I just want to know if enough has been done. I also like to flog dead horses.

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Re: Are the chains on hiking trails safe

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Re: Are the chains on hiking trails safe

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There are plenty of stats available on the number of injuries on specific areas of TM (see here), but the stats are simply the number of rescue callouts and the condition of the patient(s). There are no stats on the number of users on a particular route/area. Which means that any change in the amount of accidents in an area could simply be due to an change in the number of people using that area rather than a change in the number of accidents per user. (I hope this makes sense :) )

SANParks have occasionally attmepted to count the number of visitors per route on an average day but they have never released the figures...
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