hiker dies on india venster

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hiker dies on india venster

Post by mokganjetsi »

we witnessed the rescue from the hanging stance on jacob's ladder - well, only saw the chopper but anyways - very tragic indeed!

there is some conflicting reports; from what i gathered:
*the deceased (mark roux) may have been a climber
*they either lost the trail or decided to scramble up the chossy cliffs before one gets to the scrambles that are on-route (just before the stapled section).
*mark slipped and fell 40m (which means they did vertical climbing for a substantial distance).

can anybody confirm that this is what happened?

my sincere to condolences to mark's family & friends.

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Re: hiker dies on india venster

Post by Hann »

As per usual guys and girls,

Please be mature, constructive and sensitive in your posts.

To Mark's family, my sincerest condolences.
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Re: hiker dies on india venster

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Re: hiker dies on india venster

Post by Not »

Mark was a student of mine at UCT, and I know that my department, both staff and students, mourns for his passing.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Mark's family and friends; especially so to his partner on the day.

Once again, a big thank you the the volunteers from WSAR - you do an amazing, valuable job, although I hope I never have cause to need your expertise.
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Re: hiker dies on india venster

Post by 9ja »

My condolences to the family.

“Mark was a very avid hiker. He was a Boy Scout and very experienced."

“We don’t know how this could have happened,” Nygard said.

People really need to be very careful if they deviate from the path on these routes. Clearly Mark shouldn't have deviated off the path. If one does this, I'd strongly suggest climbing gear and shoes. 40 meters unprotected is pushing things.

Thanks to the rescue teams for giving up their time, and to the City of Cape town for funding these kinds of rescue. The survivor did the right thing. When in doubt, sit tight, call for help.
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Re: hiker dies on india venster

Post by justin »

Condolences to friends and family of Mark.

As soon as you go off route, many other variables get introduced. Whether it be 40 meters or just 1 meter an accident can be fatal.

Bob Woods accident comes to my mind here.
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