Full sport climbing gear cache for sale - new / unused

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Full sport climbing gear cache for sale - new / unused

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I'm posting on behalf of a friend.

Description: Full sport climbing gear cache for sale
- Unused / brand new -

*For all images see dropbox link below:
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vxbq4w0kvqlo ... NZnPa?dl=0

IMPORTANT: Selling as one complete package only at R 15,350.00

I am selling the below list of brand new climbing gear - we purchased the gear for a training exercise for our clients a few years ago and the equipment has remained unused in our office store room ever since. See below list of items for sale with the prices we are listing the items for along side the original retail price. We have marked down everything by -40%.

Contact: WhatsApp: +27 (76) 4341205

The list:

1. Petzel Spirit Express 17cm Quick draws x 2

R345.00 ea x 2 = R690.00 (Retail price: R575.00 ea)

2. Flashed Solid gate 11cm Quick draws x 10

R177.00 ea x 10 = R1770.00 (Retail price: R295.00 ea)

3. Petzel Am'D Screw carabiners x 2

R275.00 ea x 2 = R550.00 (Retail price: R459.00 ea)

4. Flashed Twist-lock carabiners x2

R147.00 ea x 2 = R294.00 (Retail price: R245.00 ea)

5. Wild Country Electron carabiners x2

R105.00 ea x 2 = R210.00 (Retail price: R175.00 ea)

6. Black Diamond Gridlock screw gate carabiner x1

R282.00 ea x 1 = R282.00 (Retail price: R470.00 ea)

7. Petzel Jumar Ascender x1

R642.00 ea x1 = R642.00 (Retail price: R1070.00 ea)

8. DDM Wallnut Set #1 - #11 with remover hook

R1530.00 ea x1 = R1530.00 (Retail price: R2550.00 ea)

9. Petzel mobile pulley x1

R147.00 ea x 1 = R147.00 (Retail price: R245.00 ea)

10. Black diamond Etrier Webbing ladder 5 step x1

R363.00 ea x 1 = R363.00 (Retail price: R605.00 ea)

11. Singing Rock Grippy 3/4 gloves x1

R275.00 ea x1 = R275.00 (Retail price: R459.00 ea)

12. Assorted Slings, Flashed and Petzel x4

R306.00 ea x 4 = R1224.00 (Retail price: R510.00 ea)

13. Black Diamond Solution Guide Harness (men's) size Large x1. R1221.00 ea x 1 = R1221.00 (Retail price: R2035.00 ea)

14. Petzel GriGri x1

R838.00 ea x 1 = R838.00 (Retail price: R1398.00 ea)

15. Petzel Reverso Belay Device x1

R341.00 ea x 1 = R341.00 (Retail price: R569.00 ea)

16. Petzel OK Screw-lock carabiner x1

R214.00 ea x 1 = R214.00 (Retail price: R357.00 ea)

17. Black Diamond Creek Chalk Bag x1

R309.00 ea x 1 = R309.00 (Retail price: R515.00 ea)

18. Madrock Climbing shoes, size 11 UK x1

R810.00 ea x 1 = R810.00 (Retail price: R1350.00 ea)

19. Simmond laced climbing shoes, size 11UK x1

R375.00 ea x 1 = R375.00 (Retail price: R625.00 ea)

20. Black Diamond Momentum climbing shoes, size 11 UK x1. R1137.00 ea x 1 = R1137.00 (Retail price: R1895.00 ea)

21. PVC rope guards x2

R36 ea x 2 = R74.00 (Retail price: R60.00 ea)

22. Petzel Boreo climbing helmet L/XL x1

R695.00 ea x 1 = R695.00 (Retail price: R1159.00 ea)

23. Mammut Climbing rope infinity classic 9.5mm 60m x1

R1266.00 ea x 1 = R1266.00 (Retail price: R2110.00 ea)
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