Suspect anchors at The Island in Rocklands

Let everyone know about any suspect/dodgy/misplaced bolts to be renewed or avoided.
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Suspect anchors at The Island in Rocklands

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give anyone going to Rocklands a heads up. We were climbing "Cracker" (the second route from the left) at the Island and discovered that both bolts at the chains were loose and rotating in the holes. I was unable to tighten the nut with my fingers. There is some type of spring washer between the nut and the hanger and the bolt is quite loose so I suspect that you will need a pair of vice grips (or pliers) to grip the bolt and spanner to tighten the nut, of which I had neither. I did yank at the bolts a couple of times and while it did move 5mm or so out of the hole, it didn't look like it would pull out...but I would not bet my life on that!

If anyone is heading out that way soon, please check it out and see if you are able to tighten these nuts. Hopefully I will make another trip out before the end of the year in which case I will see what I can do.

Climb safe out there!
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Re: Suspect anchors at The Island in Rocklands

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Ill tighten/rebolt the chains. If more needs rebolting/tightening, in the cape, I'd happily rebolt lines if someone is donating bolts.

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