Does anyone know Johan Louis Burger?

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Does anyone know Johan Louis Burger?

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Hi All,

I think I may have been scammed by Johan Louis Burger.

I had posted on the Garage Sale that I was in need of a pair of climbing shoes. I then received a WhatsApp from Johan Louis Burger (063****474 - Truecaller confirms that the name matches the number, his WhatsApp profile picture appears to be several aerials with a background of blue sky and white clouds) and he told me he was selling shoes the exact size I needed and sent me various photos. I paid him and when I sent him the proof of payment I asked him to send the tracking info for the PostNet to PostNet delivery, he then told me he sent the shoes on Wednesday (when I WhatsApped him on Thursday asking when he will be sending them after not hearing from him) but since then has been ignoring my WhatsApps asking him to send me the tracking number (which have all delivered including the one I sent today) but my calls are going straight through to voicemail. I've been into PostNet and the ladies assure me that if he had sent them on Wednesday then they would have been delivered by now and they looked through all the parcels checking for me, but unfortunately, there was no sign of them. (There is only one PostNet in the town and only one town with the name in South Africa)

I'm wondering if anyone knows Johan Louis Burger and can either help put my mind at ease that I haven't been scammed and there is a genuine reason for his lack of contact (if you do know him, please ask him to send Amelia the tracking number), alternatively I want this to act as a warning to anyone who is offered a pair of UK6.5 / EU40 Evolv Elektra blue climbing shoes for R350, plus R50 PostNet as he offered to pay half, that good luck, I've already paid for them and not received them a week after he said he sent them.

The thought I have been scammed after posting on here really saddens me as I've made a few purchases through the Garage Sale and have always dealt with great people and received exactly what they said they were selling.

I'm sorry if it's not right to post this here.

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