#2020climbchallenge (Beginners/Intermediates)

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#2020climbchallenge (Beginners/Intermediates)

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Twenty days have already passed in 2020 and for those who like the social media vibe, check out


The challenge is to on-sight, flash or red point 20 grade 20 routes in 2020!

Post your #2020climbchallenge plans for weekends away, day trips and local crag days! (now also on instagram)

Post your pics and videos of latest sends or projects!

Get your gumbie friends involved - if they can take pictures 😉. Get your expert friends to be rope guns and give you beta. Everyone is welcome to join the challenge!

See you at the crag!


This is the main challenge, but I know some people were committed to do 20 OS (on-sights) in the 2020 calendar year. Another is doing 20 trad routes. For those of us beginners, but not as athletic ( I'm first in the queue ) one could set the grade at something more attainable. For the veterans, the challenge could be adjusted to climb 20 grade 20 routes in 20 days... or 20 hours for that matter. It's all outdoors and local (RSA and southern Africa).

So if you are keen to join us, please add yourself to the group, update us on the type of challenge via facebook and instagram and how you are progressing. Godspeed for the journey, build up muscle, technique and psyche AND stay safe while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
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