Retreat of Moonrake

Tell us about the most epic or adventurous moment that you and your climbing partners have experienced - scary, dangerous, accidents or close calls that happened out climbing or in the mountains.
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Retreat of Moonrake

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Hi guys
We left some gear on Moonrake last night as the 2nd party ran out of light on the start of the marble traverse. It was getting dark and it would be a hard onsite in the with a headlight. Therefore we agreed and team 2 bailed off and left bail gear. We all made it down nice and safe with the TMACC sewerage. We will collect as soon as possible but if anyone recovers it in the interim it would be nice to get it back. Team 2 is definitely going back on Saturday to finish the route and retrieve their gear.
Thanks and be safe
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Re: Retreat of Moonrake

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:hapban thanks Mr Badwatts
All gear retrieved by El General and Mr Revs
And we got to complete the route
Somewhere....out there
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