Bouldering at 14th Avenue (JHB)

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Bouldering at 14th Avenue (JHB)

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Has anyone been to 14th Avenue lately? Did it feel safe?

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Re: Bouldering at 14th Avenue (JHB)

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I hear people have been there, I believe Evan Margetts opened a now 7C there, they said it is ok, squatters nearby seem to have moved away. But usual precautions, biggish group, no valuables at crag, dogs allowed and good idea. Off the record, the security guard at the company by the parking has in the past allowed me to park inside, and I placed a green leaf in his hand on the way out. The traverse there is on slopers and very effective training. Landings are also ok. The walk to the crag from the car is about 100m on good path. Crag south facing so cold in winter, but cool in summer. Can get a bit of seep after heavy rain.

You can buy a complete guide of this place and many other bouldering spots in and around JHB on this site here: ... ing-guide/
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Re: Bouldering at 14th Avenue (JHB)

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I have been bouldering there for almost all of the lockdown with a friend, never felt unsafe. Great training facility!
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