Birds nesting at Silvermine Main Crag

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Birds nesting at Silvermine Main Crag

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Hey there,

My wife and I were climbing at Main crag on Saturday. Didn't realise that the Kestrel's were nesting and chicks have possibly hatched already. Got a friendly reminder from them when they nudged my wife on the head as she was cleaning our draws on Pistolero. We left after we got our draws down.

I didn't see any closure signs up so just take note if you are heading in that direction.

Climb safe!
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Re: Birds nesting at Silvermine Main Crag

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2020 November Update. We attempted to climb at main crag over the weekend and the Kestrel's birds were swarming and attacking anyone who climbed on any of the routes. So best to avoid the crag entirely.
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Re: Birds nesting at Silvermine Main Crag

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It's best to inform the rangers of the nesting birds - the crag needs to officially closed for the duration of the nestling season (as it is every year).
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