Rock climbers in Paarl?

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Rock climbers in Paarl?

Post by Spaniel »

Hi all,

Are there any rock climbers in Paarl?

I am looking for a WhatsApp group to join (for general climbing chatter, lift clubs to Cityrock, etc.)

Let me know!
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Re: Rock climbers in Paarl?

Post by Belle »

Hi. I moved to Paarl recently. Did you find a WhatsApp group or people to share lifts with Etc?
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Re: Rock climbers in Paarl?

Post by AlpineDarius »


Same question. Is there a group?
I am in Wellington and lack a partner to climb in Paarl.
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Re: Rock climbers in Paarl?

Post by raphaeltube »

Are any of you members of MCSA Paarl/Wellington section?
Maybe start there.

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