Weigbridge/Du Toits Kloof bouldering

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Weigbridge/Du Toits Kloof bouldering

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Hello all,
I have seen one post already asking the same thing to no avail but i am asking again a few years later. I have heard and driven past there enough times to know there is a lot of good boulders in the Weighbridge area in Du Toits Kloof (close to Hellfire). I was wondering if anyone had topos/maps of the area or if I would need to explore myself. The only mapped boulder (27crags and theCrag) is the 8B+/C Khoikhoi by Jimmy Webb. The only links I found relating to the area are about Khoikhoi and other FAs, with no actual maps. There is a 'Molenaarsrivier' crag on 8a.nu with 3 boulders, which may be the area i am talking about, but again, no maps so i can't be sure.

those links:
https://www.climbing.co.za/2014/06/jimm ... its-kloof/
https://www.climbing.co.za/2014/09/weig ... ering-fas/
https://www.ukclimbing.com/news/2017/08 ... i_8c-71228
https://www.8a.nu/crags/bouldering/sout ... ier/routes

previous forum post:

any help would be greatly appreciated
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