Vertical Safety Systems - Sales position

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Vertical Safety Systems - Sales position

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Vertical Safety Systems specialises in technical work-at-height solutions including rope access, fall arrest, rescue and rope courses. We service a diverse range of clients from large multi-national companies involved in off-shore gas and oil, telecoms, and wind farms to small-scale operators working on roofs and solar installations, as well as operators of adventure parks and tree-top canopy tours. We are looking for an energetic individual with Work-at-height, rope-rescue or rock-climbing experience to join our team.
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As a Technical Sales Representative, you are responsible for the technical industrial sales, management of inquiries, development of new business and client relationship management. Your role will require a strong understanding of the technical aspects of work-at-height technologies and products. The executive director may instruct the employee at any time to carry out additional duties or responsibilities, which fall reasonably within the ambit of the job, or per operational requirements


1. Management of incoming inquiries (50%)
- Management of all web order requests and providing technical advice and consultations. Ensuring the client has a response within 24 hours.
- Provide technical specifications for tenders and quote requests.
- Assist walk-in clients with order requests and provide technical advice.
- Capturing quotes into the system with correct client, product, courier and lead time information.

2. Business Development (15%)
- Keep up to date with all technical product developments and applications
- Identifying and evaluating opportunities that can be turned into sales.
- Implement our sales strategy to introduce and grow our products in new markets.

3. Services (10%)
- Conducting equipment inspections and audits.
- On-site Anchor system installation.
- Product training to ensure a thorough understanding of how to use and sell products.

4. Knowledge and technical expertise (10%)
- Attend training and ensure necessary qualifications are current.
- Develop an understanding of the technical specifications, features, and applications of the products or services being sold.
- Stay updated on industry trends and competitor products.

5. Customer Engagement and Relationship Management (15%)
- Build and maintain strong relationships with customers through regular communication and follow-up.
- Demonstrate behaviour that aligns with VSS culture on client interaction.

1. Networking with suppliers and clients
2. Relationship building with all employees

HOURS OF WORK 8 am – 5pm ; Monday to Friday
Based in Cape Town

Laptop provided by the company

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