Monteseel Photos

Post your pics here, climbing related or of somewhat interest there of
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Monteseel Photos

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Hi All,

We're busy putting together a Monteseel RD for the upcoming the upcoming Black Diamond Tradathon next month (Starting 14 June)

If anyone has any photos or relevant info (we already have a good list of routes for the RD) - please send them to with details of:
- Photographer name
- Climber(s)
- Route + Grade
- Description
- Funny Story
- Local Legend
And we will include it into the RD.

Assuming that non of the photos submitted do not violate the Climb ZA broadcasting complaints commission (via debate on the forum). Your photo(s) will be included in the free PDF downloadable Topo/Route Description (viewable on the iPhone, Ipad, Android (whatever) device).
Naturally, there is a great rush for this and the sooner you can send, the better as the Sunday night deadline looms!!!!

Many thanks,
Team ClimbZA

1. You only have old school print photos?
Answer: No problem, please take a photo of the photo with your (or your kid's) relevant mobile device / digital camera and mail it to us.

2. Is Monteseel worth climbing/visiting?
Answer: Yes. This place was huge in the 80's and early 90's (and even before)!
Go find out why 8)

3. Will the Tradathon be fun?
Answer: Yes, like all the years before. You'll get to hang out with cool people and crank awesome routes.

4. I don't trad climb (yet). Can I learn how to Trad Climb there?
Answer: Yes!! Courses will be held over the weekend. R200 for a full day (and R100 for a half day) - you won't find a cheaper/better place to learn anytime soon!!

:arrow: Click here to register/book a course for the 2014 Black Diamond Tradathon

:bom: Click here for more info on the Black Diamond Tradathon next month (Starting 14 June)
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