KZN in the summer

Swop tips on moves, route conditions, etc.
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KZN in the summer

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I bought the KZN guidebook last month, but I'm curious to hear from locals...can the Wave Cave be climbed in the summer months? Like if you go at the crack of dawn before it heats up too much?

Any other KZN areas to hit up for summer climbing?

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Re: KZN in the summer

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Summer climbing in kzn is definitely on the cards although you will have to pick your moment and avoid the spring drizzle and summer heat waves as far as possible. I'd say that Umgeni Valley and howick falls are generally cooler and drier than the kloof gorge crags although this obviously varies. Not a lot of climbing happening at wave cave at the moment unfortunately but kirk falls is a gem and is fairly close to the wave cave. Kirk does seep quite badly for a few days after heavy rain. Otherwise rumdoodle is generally a safe option for finding something to climb. Enjoy.
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Re: KZN in the summer

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The biggest problem with Wave cave in summer is crossing the river to get there- and the heat/humidity. Pick a cooler day after a few dry days and it should be climbable.

please also report back to us as I may want too join you there this December...
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Re: KZN in the summer

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Will be around durban in december, I have some unfinished business from years ago at Rumdoodle and Boneyard so will be keen for Kloof Gorge.
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