Complete noob

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Complete noob

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hi Guys
Complete Noob from Durban here...
So i'll be starting my first classes in the next couple weeks, pretty excited to say the least as climbing is something i have been wanting to do for years.
I wanted to ask in the nicest way possible and with out sounding like a hand out lol, if there is anyone in the area or out side of that has an old pair of size #9 climbing shoes they have laying around or dont use anymore that they wouldn't mind parting with.
i'm not the wealthiest of folk and dropping 1000+ on shoes for a hobby i'm just starting and getting into can be well.... tough lol.
or even if you could point in the right direction i would be greatly appreciative.

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Nic Le Maitre
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Re: Complete noob

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Most climbing gyms (Southern Rock is your local one) will rent shoes. Otherwise, check the For Sale section here.
Happy climbing
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