Snowboarding at the Hoare Hut

Post your pics here, climbing related or of somewhat interest there of
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Snowboarding at the Hoare Hut

Post by justin »

These were taken by David Glass on the UCT Zuurberg property, just in front of the Hoare Hut on Wednesday last week (16th of June) after the big snow dump.
The bottom pic is Brian Tait.
Brian Tait
Brian Tait
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Re: Snowboarding at the Hoare Hut

Post by Viruk »

Where is this hut and can "anyone" go to it? I was in Vail earlier this year and brought all my snowboarding gear back with me. I would be great to go somewhere in SA (besides Tiffendale) Obviously for next year as it is getting all sunny now.
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Re: Snowboarding at the Hoare Hut

Post by d0nK3y »

aaah, AWESOME... I was wondering where/when this pic was gonna pop up! Thanks for posting it Justin! Must have missed it when you put it up originally! That was an awesome day up at the hut.

Could you send me contact details for Brian Tait? I would love to get a high res version of this!! (or maybe you have it?)

@Viruk: Hoare hut, and Zuurberg belong to UCT, the Mountain and Ski club (MSC) there has control of who may/ may not go there... It is mostly reserved for the use of the Students who belong to the club...
There is however the Mountain and Ski Club of South Africa, that have skiing grounds on the Matroosberg, also in the Hex... PM me if you're interested in joining, I can give you the contact details of the people you need to get hold of!

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