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Last additions - Mpumalanga
It is fifty shades of orange all the way, including the colour of Andrew's hair!!! Life in Orange (8c/34) sees its 4th ascent by Papa Pedley who bolted this beautiful beast back in 2012. Sep 04, 2019
David Wade sends Rodan (33) at Waterval Boven98 commentsAug 05, 2019
In dire straights we are when toproping snaps get posted here? The one and only Charlie Standing runs up to clean after leading Alex's Mouse aux Chocolat (17) on Tranquilitas Wall, Boven. Pic by GustavJun 24, 2019
Roger Nattrass using his favourite ClimbZA shirt to help him float up the immaculate Mikado (21), the lesser known extension of Jenga at GodNo Wall, Boven. Pic by Gustav. Oct 31, 2018
Squeeks & Snort opening Pret Arête (21/22R) at the Junkyard during the Tradathon in Waterval Boven. Pic by Gustav.Oct 01, 2018
Visiting American Diana redpointing Lotters Desire (27) at Boven.129 commentsAug 24, 2018
Mel is the crimpmaster! After five days he klapped Life in Orange (34/35), "the hardest climb in Boven". Is it really 35 or is this 16 year old just that strong? Only time will tell...1 commentsFeb 12, 2018
The most epic ascent imaginable whilst fighting off wasps on the fifth attempt! Frazzle (8b+/33) fell at the Superbowl in Boven by Mel.Jan 15, 2018
Barry Brits on Star Grazer (22) at The Pasture, Sport Valley, Waterval Boven.Sep 29, 2017
Celebrating National Braai day with a new crag. Come enjoy climbing on one of the oldest and newest crags in Boven on Sunday!!! "Nou gaan ons braai!"Sep 19, 2017
Francois Lombard confirming that Urisk the Rustic Brownie (24) in Boven is worth 7a, worth doing and has a lot of "abiance"!Sep 01, 2017
The legend from the nineties, Francois Lombard, having a jol in fine style on As The World Disappears (26/7b), Waterval Boven.Aug 31, 2017
Mel JvR klapping the technique on Raptophilia (31/8a+) at Baboon Buttress, Boven.1 commentsAug 20, 2017
Chris Cosser sending Ti' Dragon (29) second go in fine style. Waterval Boven ... obviously ;-)5 commentsAug 08, 2017
The question was asked more than once: "Will Alex Megos fall in 'Boven?" Here is your answer! He cruised up Rodan (33) 2nd go and onsighted Godzilla (32) without much effort. For reals... no play-play!10 commentsJul 31, 2017
K.P. (Katleho Pobe) sent the Monster (29) of Boven in fine style last week. Whoop-whoop!Jul 10, 2017
Happy independence day! Brendan Leader flying the flag high in 'Boven on The Beast (31).Jul 04, 2017
Shiny happy people scaling the spicy lines next to the Elands Falls, Waterval Boven.Jun 20, 2017
Little Beasts! Christopher Cosser (16) and Mel Janse van Rensburg(15) both sent The Beast (31/8a+) this weekend t Boven. Watch this space...May 02, 2017
Heather Weidner sent Jack of All Trades (30) at God No Wall, Waterval Boven. Photo: Gustav Janse van RensburgApr 20, 2017
Last fall last week before the send. Mel on Jack of all trades (30), God No Wall, Boven. Note the helmet ;-)Apr 10, 2017
After a desperate and enduring search for holds at the very edge of the crags at the end of the universe, the G-Bird eventually even reverts to the advanced spout-sucking and surfs-up moves to onsight the ominous Urisk The Rustic Brownie (23) at Boven.Apr 03, 2017
James is still around. Here he is on the 35m classic Madiba Magic, checking out the raging Elands River Waterfall.Mar 21, 2017
Brian casually walking up Monster (29) Photo by Johannes HachmannMar 15, 2017
Candice unsending Chocolate éclair (27/28) Photo by Johannes HachmannMar 07, 2017
Josh McNally on Jack of all Trades, Waterval Boven, 2016. Pic: @allisterfentonMar 05, 2017
Greg onsights Thunderstuck (22) at Superbowl, Waterval Boven. Feb 11, 2017
Mel klapping wasps off before klapping Sweet Cousin Cocaine. One time at The Theatre, Boven.Dec 19, 2016
Kevin Dingle cleaning dungeons and dragons, Waterval Boven.Nov 01, 2016
#newrouteseverydayinboven - MCSA Supertramp, Alex Bester klaps yet another gem (VALHALLA 24, Trad) at the Mythology Sector, Mayhem, Waterval Boven. Oct 25, 2016
Tim Slab working The Mayhem 88.8m highline whilst Alex Bester works Blade Runner (28). Photo - Roc 'n Rope Collection.Oct 07, 2016
Andrew Pedley on his newest God No! creation in Boven. Straight up through the "man trap".Sep 15, 2016
Wesley Black aptly making Paint It Black (new 22 at The Last crag of the Century) look easy.Sep 07, 2016
Wesley Black aptly making Paint It Black (new 22 at The Last crag of the Century) look easy.Sep 04, 2016
Josh McNally, Jack of All Trades (30), Waterval Boven. By Allister FentonJun 29, 2016
BovenJun 23, 2016
Jun 06, 2016
Annemieke Vermaas on "Whose Line Is It Anyway" (23), Waterval Boven14 commentsMay 08, 2016
Greg Sobczak on the first ascent of Ti' Dragon (29), Waterval Boven (obviously!). Photo by Roc 'n Rope Adventures.Apr 15, 2016
Mel flashing Age of Paranoia (23), Umgeni, KZN.Apr 05, 2016
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