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Christian Stangl’s K2 summit controversy

August 13, 2010 Christian Stangl called his home team in Austria from K2 BC and said he just got back from a successful, 70-hour long summit push. Christian’s claims have been questioned, since “no one returning from the Abruzzi route has seen his shoe prints, marks of the ropes being used, and his belongings in […]


Bulgarian alpinist dies on K2

K2 is regarded as one of the most dangerous and difficult mountains in the world to climb. For every four people who have reached the summit, one has died trying.


Alison Hargreaves’ son to attempt K2

Tom Ballard, son of the prodigy 90’s climber Alison Hargreaves who died descending K2 in 1995, has announced he wants to attempt the same mountain solo, and in winter. Ballard, now 21, is training in the Swiss Alps on the Eiger in preparation for the climb on the peak mountaineers often refer to and the […]