Bad Kloof

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Bad Kloof
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Climbing TypeSport, Multi-pitch Sport
Rock TypeQuartzite/Sandstone
SeasonAll year round
ProvinceWestern Cape

Bad Kloof in the town of Montagu. It is the kloof between the Montagu Hot Springs towards the West side of Montagu. The are more than 20 individual crags and over 130 routes from which to choose. The Keisie River runs through the kloof and often floods. The flood normally changes the course of the river and the hiking routes need to be re-amended. The floods also always impact the bases and ease of access to certain crags.

How to get there

Park at Montagu Mountain Reserve office aka Die Ou Meul and walk into the crags by crossing a wooden bridge behind the mill. The Kloof can also be entered from the back at Avalon Springs. The wiki runs from Die Ou Meul to Avalon Springs.

Fees, Permits, Etc

Date July,2019: There is a R43.00 (R29 for children) entry fee to climb into the kloof. An annual permit can be purchased from the Langeberg Municipality for R261.00.

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When it's windy

Sometimes Bad Kloof can get really windy (usually in the afternoon) which is unpleasant because of sand and dust being blown about. A good alternative is to go into Keur Kloof.

Bad Kloof Climbing Map

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Feature Image Link & Description
Example Lovers Lane

1 - 5 min walk. Morning shade. 4 routes. Easiest: 8. Hardest: 23. GPS: -33.784248,20.116684

Example The Bastard

This is the 1st bit of climbable rock on the right hand side of the the Kloof when walking in from the Old Mill side. Walk up from the right side for less than a minute (on the right side of the weir). This crag get morning shade. 1 - 5 min walk. 2 routes. Easiest: 18 Hardest: 21. GPS: -33.779451,20.113412

20100622 waterworld.jpg

Waterworld is one of the favorite crags in Montagu. It’s child friendly and the route named Arendsig (Eagles View) is one the best 19’s ever. It’s the first crag on the right when you walk from Die Ou Meul. 5 - 15 min walk . 13 routes. Easiest: 19. Hardest: 33. Morning shade. GPS: -33.776248,20.116096

Example The Penthouse
Example Peanut Gallery

Obvious roof between Waterworld and Sloth crags. 5 - 15 min walk. Morning shade. 5 routes. Easiest: 22. Hardest: 32. GPS: -33.775864,20.116799


Sloth crag is quite a popular crag as is has a nice range of routes and the crag base is stable (in that it never gets negatively affected by flooding). This crag has morning shade, easy access and is very child friendly. 5 - 15 min walk. Morning shade. 10 routes. Easiest: 15. Hardest: 25. GPS: -33.775253,20.117633

Example Supertubes

Supertubes is an awesome overhanging crag with a couple of easier lines to warm up on. The walk in is flat and short, this is an excellent crag for children. Be sure to climb the classic route Thruster. 5 - 15 min walk. 15 routes. Easiest: 15. Hardest: 29. GPS: -33.775125,20.11766

20121105 lionsaid.jpg
Lion Said

Lion Said gets all day shade and the two easiest routes on the right are excellent for beginners. 15 - 30 min walk. All day shade. 5 routes. Easiest: 15. Hardest: 25. GPS: -33.774854,20.117176

20130716 IMG 1383 pipeline.jpg

The Pipeline has become famous since Sasha DiGuilian opened Miss Behaving (8b+) during her 2013 South African visit. There are only 4 routes at the Pipeline so far, the two remaining projects should prove to be VERY HARD – probably somewhere around the 9a grade. 30 min. - 1 hour walk. Morning shade. 4 routes.Easiest: 32. Hardest: 33. GPS: -33.774559,20.119565

20050403 southpark.jpg
South Park

The crag is on the right hand side between Supertubes and The Palace. 15 - 30 min walk. Morning shade. 2 routes. Easiest: 25. Hardest: 27. GPS: -33.773276,20.120052

20040815 126 2670 palace.jpg

The Palace is the massive overhanging crag seen at the corner of Bad Kloof. The crag is as good as it looks and has a good base and steep quality routes with Cyberpunk and The Activist being the all time classic routes at the crag. 30 min. - 1 hour walk. Morning shade. 16 routes. Easiest: 20. Hardest: 31. GPS: -33.773426,20.120633

20111229 IMG 0057 swamp.jpg

The swamp has easy and hard routes but unfortunately the base is flooded out at the moment. 30 min. - 1 hour walk. Afternoon shade. 6 routes. Easiest: 13. Hardest: 26. GPS: -33.771835,20.118093

20040815 playground.jpg

Small crag right of The Swamp. 15 - 30 min walk. Afternoon shade. 8 routes. Easiest: 15. Hardest: 27. GPS: -33.771814,20.117901

20040815 uriah heep.jpg
Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep has immaculate rock, is slightly over hanging and pumpy as hell. The base requires a small scramble to get up to and is not child friendly. 15 - 30 min walk. Afternoon shade. 8 routes. Easiest: 19. Hardest: 28. GPS: -33.771515,20.116188

Example The Arete

On riverside about 50m from Uriah Heep. 5 - 15 min walk. Afternoon shade 1 route. Grade 24. GPS: -33.771598,20.115687

20050410 berlinwall.jpg
Berlin Wall

This crag always is in the shade. You will see it from Uriah Heap when entering from Die Ou Meul or opposite to Jurassic park when entering from Avalon springs. 5 - 15 min walk. All day shade 7 routes. Easiest: 21. Hardest: 28. GPS: -33.769928,20.114097

Mazawattee climb montagu.jpg
Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a 5 min walk from Avalon Springs and gets Morning Shade. Daze of Thunder 7b+/27 was the first sport route in Montagu and has since become a classic. 1 - 5 min walk. Morning shade 12 routes. Easiest: 10. Hardest: 32. GPS: -33.769769,20.115271

Example Rage

ark at the Avalon Springs and walk in for about 5 mins. The Rage is a short grey wall (almost opposite the Laundry) on the right side of the kloof when walking in from Avalon Springs side. This crag is shaded all day. It’s over-hanging and the one and only bouldery route is manufactured (the holds have been chipped into the rock). NB: chipping has been banned in SA. 5 - 15 min walk. All day shade 1 routes. Grade 31. GPS: -33.767415,20.115001

Example Camelot

1 - 5 min walk. 2 routes. Easiest: 22. Hardest: 23. GPS: -33.767447,20.115064

Mazawattee climb montagu.jpg
Jurassic Park

The crag with the hardest route in South Africa. Mazawattee is graded 8c+ by Adam Ondra. Overhanging, 5 min walk from Avalon Springs, Morning Shade and Late Afternoon Shade. 5 - 15 min walk. Morning shade 4 routes. Easiest: 18. Hardest: 35. GPS: -33.769408,20.115578

20050510 223 2373 laundry.jpg
The Laundry

Park at the Avalon Springs and walk in for about 5 mins. Scramble up the slope just before Jurassic Park. This crag is shaded in the morning. It’s over-hanging and it is possible to climb here in the rain. 5 - 15 min walk. Morning shade 4 routes. Easiest: 24. Hardest: 29. GPS: -33.76848333333,20.11645

Example The Hotel

Inside Avalon Springs Resort. 1 - 5 min walk. Morning shade 4 routes. Easiest: 18. Hardest: 27. GPS: -33.76692,20.115977