Bold and the Beautiful

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Irish Sean on 'You go first' (16) at 'The Bold & The Beautiful'
Bold and the Beautiful

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientSlab/Vertical
Walk in12 minute uphill walk
Crag AspectSummer: Shade till midday, Winter: Shade ALL day
ProvinceWestern Cape

Bold and Beautiful has 13 routes with grades ranging from 14 to 23. The routes in the middle of the crag (e.g. Snot & Trana) are 30 meters long – so bring a 60 meter rope. In the summer, the crag stays in the shade till about noon. In the winter, it stays in the shade all day.

How to get there

Assuming you are driving into Montagu from the Ashton side, you can park at the entrance to Montagu on the left past the large bridge You can't do this as they are constructing a bridge at the moment. From there, walk across the river and through the reeds till you get onto the Cogmans Kloof trail path (same walk as if you were going to The Steeple).
Instead: Park here - Follow the path up the hill, keep left at the fork, continue down the hill. About 100 meters alongside the riverbed you will notice a rocky ridge. The Alley is on the right, The Bold and Beautiful Crag is on the left (big grey wall). Keep an eye out for a path up to the grey wall just after the ridge.

The ascent to the Bold & Beautiful crag is just past the walk up to the Alley. Please take care on the path and keep erosion in mind whilst walking up to the crag and at the base. Riverside crags topo.jpg Bold and beautiful approach.jpg


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Route List

Bold and the Beautiful Routes from RIGHT to LEFT

AREA 1 - Routes at bottom (left most) section of the crag - Routes listed below from RIGHT to LEFT
1. Dirty Little Secret 14/5a 6 Bolts Justin & Riki Lawson, July 2010. 316 HSA-R M10 68mm & 1 x 90mm for one of the top anchors
2. Reed and Pipe Instruments 18/6a 7 Bolts Tony Lourens, September 2010 shares the top anchor of Dirty Little Secret
3. You go first 16/5b 7 Bolts Justin & Riki Lawson, July 2010
4. Duidelik 17/5c 7 Bolts Justin & Riki Lawson, July 2010
AREA 2 - Routes at slightly higher middle section of the crag (above the small tree & rocks on right of bottom section) - Routes listed below from RIGHT to LEFT
5. Snot and Trana (Route is 31 meters long, tie a knot in the end of your rope) 5 Star route! 18/6a 12 Bolts Justin & Riki Lawson, July 2010 You need at least a 60 meter rope for this climb.
6. Moby Dick 19/6b 11 bolts (including the 2 top anchors) Justin & Riki Lawson, July 2010 Send the tallest person of your party up to clip the bolt right of Moby (the big bulging rock in the middle of the route that kind of looks like a whale)
7. I Want It My Way 18/6a 12 Bolts Justin & Riki Lawson, July 2010
8. The Bigamist - 2 pitches P1 - 19/6a+
P2 - 16/5b
P1 - 12 Bolts
P2 - 6 Bolts
Justin & Riki Lawson, July 2010
9. Shoot The Bee 20/6b 8B + Chains Martin Rehm,December 2010
AREA 3 The routes by the big orange hole at the top of the crag Routes listed below from RIGHT to LEFT
10. Hamba Gashle 18/19 /6a Stuart Brown, April 2010
11. Scaterlings 23/6c+ Stuart Brown, April 2010
12. Slackness 23/6c+ Stuart Brown, April 2010
13. Poesies Hoek 23/6c+ Justin Lawson, April 2010 At +- 3 bolts up, you will come to a stopper move, pull on a draw and carry on up