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Thank you  
Thank you  
Schalk Erasmus
Schalk Erasmus
Tel: 073-744-3952
Tel: 081 512 3294
Email: topoutclimbing@gmail.com
Email: topoutclimbing@gmail.com

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Arrangements concerning access to Ezemvelo bouldering as per thread located here: http://www.climb.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37927&t=7231

Thanks to the guys going to the trouble to organise this - please respect the access arrangements and adhere to it religiously as it is a private nature reserve and we are priveleged to be allowed to climb there.

At the moment the arrangement we have with the management is that all climbers must be escorted by one of the following people: Paul Bruyere, Dean Marias, Johnny Steenkamp or myself. The reason for this is that they don't want hundreds of people running around in their reserve and doing their own thing. It took us a years worth of negotiation with a board of directors to gain access for climbers to Ezemvelo and if we do not keep by the parrameters they set us they will close the area. Some of the conditions they set us is as follow. It is a nature reserve and the protection of the eco-system is priority, this meens all the rules of the reserve apllies to climbers entering the reserve. All climbers for the time being must be escorted by one of the above mentioned persons.

At the moment we are arranging that access in the near future will work as follow: - A South African Climbing Federation card must be presented at reseption. - A few copies of the route guide will be avialable at reseption, these copies will be avialable to any climbers visiting Ezemvelo. The route guide must then be returned to reseption on your departure. This will be a temporary arrangement till the route guide is done. - The indemnity forms must be sighned by every climber entering reserve.

I will post a notice on Climb Za and Wiki as soon as these arrangements are in place.

Over the last few years we have been taken more than 150 individauls to Ezemvelo and showing them around as arranged according to our entry arrangement. But as a few people know we don't mind people going climbing unescorted as long as they make arrangements with us first. We ask you to do this because they contact me every time someone shows up unescorted.

We have put alot of effort and time in to Ezemvelo bouldering. Some of these efforts are as follow: Compiling a comprehensive route guide, which will be available at numerous outlets as soon as its complted. A section of the route guide will also be publised in the new Gauteng route guide, this is being done by Neil Margets. We are busy building a campsite at the bouldering area which will be exclusively for climbers. This campsite will accomadate a maximum of 10 people as there will be only one tiolet (reserve regulations are that 1 tiolet serves a maximum of 10 people) We've also been laying ot hiking trails between bouldering areas. Enviromental studies has also been taking place. This is being done to calculate the impact we as climbers have on the eco-system.

These are just a few examples of whats being done to open a bouldering area for Gauteng climbers. All these efforts are being made to open area where the land owners are happy and we will be able to enjoy the area for many years to come.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any future inquiries and if you are intrested in helping out with any thing, I will be more than happy to hear from you.

Thank you Schalk Erasmus Tel: 081 512 3294 Email: topoutclimbing@gmail.com