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Often thought to be a flat province but there is actually unlimited outcrops of sandstone mountains sometimes over 200m high. The dominant rock formation in the Free State is cave sandstone (geologically known as Clarens-formation sandstone), which is rather soft and not so good for traditional climbing, but has numerous excellent bolted routes. Harrismith (Mnt Everest Reserve) & Swinburne offer good sport routes and bouldering in secure and beautiful settings.

Climbing Areas in the Free State

Area Name Featured Image Climbing Type Description
20080413 harrismith.jpg
Multi-pitch Sport & some bouldering There are currently about 140 fully bolted sport routes at Mount Everest (Harrismith). These range in grade from 7 to 29 (up to 7c+), the majority are below grade 20 (6b) so this is the perfect place for beginner and moderate grade climbers.
Langberg image needed Single-pitch Sport climbing Sport Climbing near Vrede. +/-30 routes, grades up to 29/7c+. Short routes on soft Sandstone.
Little Rock image needed Single-pitch Sport climbing description needed
Swinburne cosmos field.jpg
Multi-pitch Sport & bouldering This is a beautiful area that offers good bouldering and sport climbing including long multi-pitch climbs. The area is currently being developed and there is plenty of scope for new development. At present grades vary from 11 to 29.

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Map of Climbing Areas in the Free State

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