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Gold Rush is a Bouldering area situated around the Treur Rivier near Grasskop, Mpumalanga. The area is currently divided into 14 main sections, (see map) which are all easily accessible via a short walk, 5 to 18 min, from the cars. Scenic and enjoyable hiking is also on the menu, as we have permission to roam about farm. There is self catering accommodation at London Country House (in fact 2 houses) 3 Km back along the road. These are spacious colonial style old farmhouses done up reasonable smart with all bedding, cooking and eating utensils, large kitchen, cosy lounge with fireplace and other trappings to make an enjoyable stay. There is also camping at Erasmushoop farm a few km down the road next to the cars. Climbers are also permitted to sleep in Coitus Cave which can sleep up to 6 people or 3 couples. Although this camping is very rustic with no facilities at all but for the river for water and a fireplace (no fire permitted by Coitus Cave), this does provide a truly tranquil and beautiful setting to really be at one with nature. Prior booking is essential for both the camping and London Country House (013 764 2376). It is essential to notify both farmers in advance of any intended visit. Contact Neil Margetts at 083 669 3028 or Gustav Janse van Rensburg at +27 (0) 13 257 0363 or 082 753 3695 for these details and the current padlock combination.

How to Get There?

To get there from Johannesburg or Pretoria: the best is to first drive to Lydenburg via Dullstroom or via Machadodorp, the latter being a better road but includes being stung by a nasty toll gate. From Lydenburg avoid going up to Sabie unless you are inclined to want the windy scenic adventure of Long Tom Pass. Instead turn left, pick your way through town and right onto the road to Ohrigstad. About 36 km outside Lydenburg turn right again onto the R533, and tootle up to Pilgrims Rest. Continue through Pilgrims Rest and wind your way up to Grasskop. At this point it may be appropriate (if you are not car sick) to take a possible pancake diversion. There is another alternative route which is quicker but more complicated and prone to one getting lost. Continue down the N4 past Boven or via Schoemanskloof (R539) to a point where one turns left at the road to Sudwala Caves. This is 5km on the Nelspruit side of where the N4 and the Schoemanskloof (R539) join. After 7 km turn right to Sabie and after a further 15 km you will get a T junction at a Railway Station, this time turn left to Sabie. After another 19 km down this road you will get another T junction, turn right and continue for a for about 10Km into Sabie. Pass through Sabie on to Grasskop. Once the pleasures of Grasskop have been negotiated continue out of town on the road to Gods Window (R532) From the bridge outside Grasskop travel 19 km to London Country House, 22 km to get to the gate on the map on the previous page, and 26.5 km to get to the gate at Erasmushoop for camping.

The Rules

In order to make sure we always have access to Gold Rush, the following rules must be adhered to when visiting the area.

  • • No dangerous or reckless activities permitted.
  • • Take home all litter and refuse, (including fruit peels and cigarette butts).
  • • There must be no unnecessary destroying of any vegetation, except by prior arrangement.
  • • No interference with any animal life to be allowed.
  • • No fires allowed at all, except at the campsite under very controlled conditions.
  • • No soap or any other detergents or chemicals allowed in or near the river.
  • • No drunken or explicit promiscuous behaviour allowed.
  • • No playing of loud music/radios.
  • • No Graffiti or any defacing of the rocks other than normal climbing use.
  • • Toilet activities must be more than 80m from any permanent water and no trace must be
  • visible after the activity.
  • • Be polite, and courteous to all staff and management of the land owners.
  • • The area is to be used for climbing and the following other activities are not permitted:
  • fishing, quad or any other motorised biking, hunting, and any other activity which does
  • not comply with the law of the country.
  • • Do not arrive before dawn or leave after sunset.
  • • At least one MCSA member per party.

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