Limpopo Province

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Limpopo Province is home to some of the higher crags in South Africa including Blouberg a 400m high cliff.

Map of Climbing Areas in Limpopo

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Limpopo Climbing Areas

Most of the crags in this province are listed below with a brief description and a few images. Please note that the images may not do the crag justice. Where the crag-name is linked you should find the online guide as well as more information on the area.

Area Name Featured Image Climbing Type Description
Trad Big wall trad climbing with many excellent routes of upto 12 pitches on good rock. A truly African setting worth the long drive to get there. Its best not to venture out here alone, you would certainly get lost.
Hanglip image needed Trad Multi-pitch trad climbs, rock quality not excellent but in a good isolated setting.
Krantzberg image needed Trad Good multi-pitch trad routes on good rock.
Makapansgat, Jackal Pinnacle Area
Trad En route to Polokwane and is an ideal weekend trip, or a handy alternative if you’re rained off Blouberg. Its an all-trad venue with a super easy walk-in, very exposed, wild and beautiful camping, deep pools, high waterfalls and easy-to-access cragging. There is lots of new route potential.
Ngopane (gaMashashane)
Ngopane (gaMashashane)
Multi-pitch Sport Ngopane is a granite spire, nearly 100m in height, about 50 km to the north-east of Wellington's Dome, in the village of ga-Mashashane. The crag is in the middle of the village and the general reception there is friendly and chilled out. To date there are two routes up the Ngopane spire: one moderate three-pitch sport route to the summit with fantastic exposure and an easy 45m trad line almost half-way up the crag. There is also an easier scramble off the back of the crag from the top-out of the trad line.
Sport Single and multi-pitch sport climbing near Mokopane
Wellingtons Dome
Wellingtons Dome
Multi-pitch Sport Multi-pitch granite sport climbing near Mokopane with many good multi-pitch routes (up to 7P)