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[[Image:Prime_Time_Direct_Yellowwood_colour_Dec_2008_with_stances_web large.png|frame|Prime Direct Yellow Wood Amphitheatre]]
The best way to find the start is to have a good look at the photograph.  It starts almost directly below the rectangular overhang in the middle of the Amphitheatre.  Above at about 5m is a shallow left facing corner.
'''Pitch 1:  25m 22'''
Climb up the corner until it gets to a tenuous stemming move. Continue up to a ledge on blocks.  Or move left across the slab on good holds to a crack system and continue to the rail.  Move back right to the blocks and then from the right side continue up the overlap above.  Diagonal up left and do a tricky move into the short right facing corner to a good belay.
'''Pitch 2: 35m 24'''
This is sustained and varied and exciting pitch as good as any on Yellow Wood.  Climb up to the rectangular overhang and then swing out left onto a thin rail.  Have some tiny cams ready.  Crank up and then do a tenuous stemming move to get to the easier ground below the large left facing corner.  Continue up the corner with some funky moves to a rail under the overhang and rail right onto the exposed arete.  Climb straight up from the edge to a rail about 4m above.  Move right a couple of meters and then head diagonally up right on a low angle slab.  Belay on a good ledge on the left.
First Ascent:  Charles Edelstein and Dave Vallet December 2008
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