Skull Crag

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Skull Crag, Bosch Kloof
Skull Crag

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientVertical
Walk in50 minute walk
Crag AspectMorning Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
SectorBosch Kloof

Half way up the hill towards Skull Crag you will walk past Twin Fins. The routes are sustained due to the slightly overhanging wall that you make your way up.

Walk-in time: 30 minutes To get to Twin Fins, you walk past Bosch & Hilti and cross over the kloof by the rocky river bed. The walk off to Forest will be to your left, but you walk right past a large boulder and then up to Twin Fins straight ahead of you.

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1 L'Abraxas for Dummies 22 10 Bolts Pete Becker 2004 The route on the furthest left top of the crag
2 Comrade Turtlehead 21 12 Bolts Pete Becker 2004
3 King Tut 23 12 Bolts Mike Roberts 2000
4 Big Sky 18 13 Bolts Patrick McCann 2000
5 Feliz 22 15 Bolts Pete Becker 2004
6 Old Style 21 21 15 Bolts Mike Roberts 2000
7 Screech of the Bald Eagle 22 15 Bolts Mike Roberts 2000
8 Dem Bones 22 18 Bolts Patrick McCann 2000 The first route on the far right of the crag