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About Stellenbosch

The climbing in Stellenbosch consists of trad, bouldering and (finally) sport climbing. The first line was reputedly opened in 1921.


There are three main areas to climb in the Stellenbosch area, namely:

  1. Jonkershoek (Trad only)
  2. Helderberg (Bouldering only)
  3. Stellenboschberg (Sport only)

Climbing resources

Below is a list of resources available for climbing in Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas.


  1. Trad - please see this link for route guides, or check the Jonkershoek page.
  2. Bouldering - Helderberg bouldering route guide. (The Stellenbosch bouldering guide is still in progress).
  3. Sport climbing - Open again, but access is sensitive: Winelands crag


  1. Bouldering gym at Maties Climbing and BTK, see the website of Maties Climbing Students and non-students are welcome to join. MCSA members get 10% off on membership.

Newest lines

  1. Be sure to check out the new lines at Botmaskop! (Botmaskop route guide)
  2. New multi-pitch route at the Winelands crag