The Mine

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The Mine

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientOverhanging
Walk in20 minutes uphill
Crag AspectAfternoon shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
AreaCape Town

The Mine is one of the most popular sport crags in the Cape Peninsula. The rock is a hard sandstone with most routes involving at least one or two overhangs. Holds are generally small and you will need some good finger strength here. The view from the crag is wonderful and there is plenty of space to roam around at the bottom of the crag. The crag generally dries out quickly after rain (in one or two days). If it is not too hot, all day climbing is not a problem here. Be sure to make a knot in the end of your rope as some of the routes are more than 25m long.

How to get there

To get to the Mine, drive up Ou Kaapse Weg from the Cape Town side and take the first turnoff to the left (after a few hundered metres). Park at the next turnoff to the right and walk up to the badly eroded dirt rode (15 minutes) and then take the path to the left which leads to the crag.

Be careful when parking there though, recently cars parked there have been broken in to. If you have a 4x4-type vehicle it might be better to drive farther up that dirt road. Alternatively it has been suggested that you park at the entrance of the naval base and endure the longer walk (about 500m). See Climb ZA Thread


Photo of The Mine crag, taken from the approach dirt road.

Route List

Routes are listed from left to right.

Far Left Sector

There are a couple of routes several hundred metres to the left of the main crag:

  • Frank 31 David Pothier 1994
  • Curt 28 BB Jimbo Smith and Jeremy Samson FA Jimbo Smith 2012 (branch left at third bolt on Frank, climb past 2 more bolts to a ledge, down climb to clean)
  • The Highwayman 22 Kirsti Donald 1994

Left Sector

  • Whispering Winds 21 J T Forbes 1997
  • Trade Winds 20 John Alexander 1992
  • 30 Something 25 John Alexander 1992
  • King Freddie 24 Guy Hollwill 1992
  • Locomotion 24 Guy Hollwill 1992
  • Shut Up and Climb 26 Jeremy Colenso 1992
  • Fantasia 24 Guy Hollwill 1991
  • Diabolo 26 Pete Becker 1993
    An alternate start to Lambada, starting on the lower level
  • Lambada 24 Guy Hollwill 1991
  • Touché Pussycat 23 Pete Becker 1993
    An alternate start to Quillerimo, starting on the lower level
  • Quillerimo 22 Douglas Ward 1991
  • Bolero 27 Guy Hollwill 1991
  • Puffadder 22 Douglas Ward 1991
  • Grand Illusion 19 Arno Purves 1991

Middle Sector

  • Pink Harmonica 19 Scott Miller and Naureen Goheer 2003
    Climb the first half of A Song Named Desire to the chains at the base of the Red Guitar Wall.
  • A Song Named Desire 24 Keith Forbes 2004
    An extension to Pink Harmonica that goes to the top of the Red Guitar Wall. Stay off the slab to the left.
  • Red Guitar on Fire 25 Guy Hollwill 1991
    A classic! This route has been rebolted by the Anchor Replacement Fund.
  • The Scenic Route 28 Jeremy Colenso 1993
    An add-on to Happy Hooker. Head left after Happy Hooker.
  • The Happy Hooker 27 Paul Schlodtfeldt 1992
  • 69ing Your Saucy Secretary 28 Andrew Davies 1992
    Another add-on to Happy Hooker. Head right after Happy Hooker.
  • Jimmy and the Big Boys 24 Graham and Tim Shillington 1994
    Name inspired by the TV show Married with Children
  • Sickle Moon 22 Malcom Gowans 1994
    This route has been rebolted by the Anchor Replacement Fund.
  • Chocolate Mousse 30 Sean Maasch 1995
  • All Mine 22 Scott Miller and Naureen Goheer 2003
  • Airbag 21 Scott Miller Dec 2004
  • Kool Sans the Gang 23 Guy Hollwill 1997
    Kool and the Gang was an artificial route with two plastic holds bolted into the roof. Public outcry led to the holds being removed. Brown spraypaint can still be seen in the roof where the plastic holds were. Kool Sans the Gang ends at the base of this roof.
  • YEBO! 18 Scott Miller and Naureen Goheer 2003
  • Paff Udder 25 Prof Steve Bradshaw 2004
    Extension to Yebo. Goes right of Kool Sans the Gang but uses the same anchors.
  • Saddam's Bad Hair Day 21 Scott Miller and Naureen Goheer 2003
  • Revenge of the Paas Haasie 20 Scott Miller and Naureen Goheer 2003
  • Bin Ha 23 Scott Miller Dec 2004

Right Sector

  • Too Pumped to Come 26 Sean Maasch 1994
  • All that Glitters is Gold 27 Guy Hollwill 1991
    Start up Swan Lake then keep going straight up to the top of the wall. Less popular than Swan Lake, which heads right near the top.
  • Swan Lake 25 Jeremy Colenso 1991
    Finishes at the Gift of Wings chains.
  • A Gift of Wings 28 Guy Hollwill 1991
    A classic!
  • Mono 28 Adrian Kohler 1993
    Start up Gift of Wings then go rightwards through the big cavity in the roof.
  • Green Peas 30 Jeremy Colenso 1994
    Crux is a manufactured mono.
  • Felching is Fun 24 Guy Hollwill 1993
  • Cunning Linguistics 24 Guy Hollwill 1993
  • Pigeon 28 Jeremy Samson 1997

Lower Tier

Routes on the short, steep lower tier starting beneath Swan Lake:

  • Daring Winter 24 Prof Steve Bradshaw 1991
  • Bang Bang Paris 25 Prof Steve Bradshaw 1991
  • Symphony in 3 Movements 24 Guy Hollwill 1991
  • Diesel Dieter Does It 24 Dieter Wiemar 1998
  • The Flying Dutchman 30 Sean Maasch 1998
  • Separate Reality 23 Arno Purves 1991
  • Bohemian Summer 27 Prof Steve Bradshaw 1991
  • Bubble 31 Sean Maasch 1997
  • Stubble 25 Prof Steve Bradshaw 1992
  • Bearded Clam 19 Grant Sakinofsky 1994 -**Bolts are looking rusty**
  • Iron Helps Us Play 23 Gordon Forbes 1994 -**Bolts are looking rusty**

There are a couple of longer routes further to the right:

  • Route 44 22 David Davies 2004
  • Uriah 19 Simon Larsen 1994


Jimmy and the Big Boys (23)
Mike Wood climbing Red Guitar (25)
Red Guitar (25)
You'll need a Jeep to drive up to the top