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There is only one decent line that still needs opening. To the left of Ama Crimpo Crimpo, on the Bliksem Buttress. Unfortunatly a swarm of bees set up a hive soon after it was first top roped. Maybe one winter night by torchlight.
Not very much potential for new routes.

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Travel to the end of Western Ave over the N2. Turn right into Two Rivers Drive. Past Hemmingway Casino. Travel for 3.2km, turn left into Red Deer Way, left again into Snow Water Road, park at the big stump. Find a path that leads to the river. Follow the path along the river in an up stream direction for about 500m. The bush clears and the river can be seen. Further up stream are the crags. The first crag to the left is Bliksem Face. Not The Millennium Wall is above and to the left of the pool.


628m, 15 min, flat. Path often need a bit of cutting back...please take a machete.


Bliksem Buttress remains shaded in summer for the whole day. Not The Millennium Wall gets sun all day in summer & from 11H00 in winter. Can be cold in winter. There is the pool to swim in on hot days.


For years many Windmill Hole has been the hangout for rock jumpers & picnickers. The water below Not The Millennium Wall is said to be 30m deep. Bliksem was the first route to be bolted in East London. A generator lashed between two poles was carried in, along with a long extension cord.


Not very much potential for new routes.


7 bolted routes and a fair amount of easy, but run out trad. Flat base & close to East London.


Mix of mud stone & silt stone. Smooth & often covered in a white fungus. Fairly brittle. Very vertical.


There have been a number of rock jumping fatalities. People slipping whilst jumping from the top and jumpers landing on swimmers. Police divers could not find the body of a child drowned in the pool. Be really careful. Always check the depth as rain may wash branches & other debris into the pool. Windmill Hole has the potential to become a crime area. BEWARE! Nothing has occurred yet, but bush has squatters and others. No small parties or couples. REALLY! The trad routes are all easy, but the protection higher up is very poor. There is a fair amount of loose rock on the trad lines, as few of them have been repeated often.


This is municipal land. Free for all. Please don’t make a noise in front of the houses at the Snow Water Road parking.

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