Berlin Wall

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Berlin Wall

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientVertical
Walk in15 mins
Crag AspectAll day shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
SectorBad Kloof

Berlin Wall is in the area called Bad Kloof in the town of Montagu. The walk in is +- 15 mins. This crag always is in the shade. There are 7 bolted climbing routes SA grades 21-27.

You will see it from Uriah Heap when entering from Die Ou Meul or opposite to Jurassic park when entering from Avalon springs.

Berlin Wall Routes from LEFT to right.

1. Minefield 6c/22 5 Bolts FA. M Jäger. 1992.
2. Vays und Meenz 7a/24 11 Bolts FA. M Jäger. 1992.
3 Heppy Birsday 23 Bolted by Stuart Brown 2005, FA. J Lawson.
4. Streef Bogananoff 7a/24 8 Bolts FA. G Holwill. 2002.
5. Hot Toddy Bension 7c/28 7 Bolts FA. G Holwill. 1997.
6. Brandenburg Gate 6b+/21 8 Bolts FA. M Jäger
7. Ben Behaving Madly 7b+/27 27/7b+ 4 Bolts FA. G Holwill. 1997.
8. <open project> BB. Stuart Brown


In 1992, Mike Jäger and friends visited SA from the former East Germany. Mike opened several routes in the style of his home area - the Elbsandstein. Unfortunately he never informed us of the name and thus we have named them for him. None of the routes were popular because of the long leadouts. This changed in 1997 when we added some bolts between the original bolts. At the same time, I opened two new routes. *

  • History Credits - Guy Hollwil