Bosch Crag

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Bosch Crag

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientVertical
Walk in15 minute walk
Crag AspectAfernoon Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
SectorBosch Kloof

Bosch Crag is one of Montagu's most popular crags due to the short walk-in, easier routes and quality of the climbing.

One of the first developed crags in Montagu during the early 1990's boasting routes with just 4 bolts to the chains (these routes now have double the amount of bolts!). As with many of the crags in Bosch Kloof, Bosch boasts excellent routes on superb rock.

The landowner gets his household drinking water from this kloof, so it is imperative (very important!) that all rules are followed otherwise we risk losing this kloof again (there was a case of water contamination and <a title="Bosch Kloof Closed" href="" target="_blank">the kloof was closed for 3 years!</a>)

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Routes from Left to Right

1. Just Another Roof 6b/20 (7B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
2. Never Say Goodbybe 7b+/26 (6B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
3. Latin Lessons 6b+/21 (10B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
4. Partners in Crime 6c+/24 (7B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
5. Me or My Girl 6b+/21 (9B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
6. Master of Puppets 6a+/19 (10B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
7. Beg, Borrow Or Steal Aka"Puppets On A Staaldraad" 6b+/22 (19B, C) FA: S. Brown. Dec. 2003 35m ! The route starts to the right of "Master Of Puppets" and crosses over at the fourth bolt and then carries on to the top of the crag. If you have a 70m rope you should make it to the bottom, otherwise lower off the chains of "Me Or My Girl".
8. Something Nowhere 6b+/22 (6B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
9. Sanatorium 6a+/19 (8B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
10. Trille In Die Bos 20/6a+ (9B,C) FA: A. Davies. Dec. 2003 The route starts to the right of "Sanatorium", bouldery start, named after Rudolfs boys.
11. Clashing Ego's 20/6a+ (N,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
12. Nice Boys Don't Play Rock And Roll 7a+/24 (6B,C) FA: J. Fisher, retro Bolted A. Davies. Dec. 2003