Campground Boulders

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This is the bouldering area directly above the campsite to the southt on a slighlty higher level. You can easily walk to this area from the campsite. Find the bridge over the stream in the campsite, cross it and walk left for about 40m until you see a small cairn next to the dirt road. Follow this path up the hill for about 100m until you get to the Teapot boulder. This boulder only looks like a teapot when standing south of it and looking towards the campsite.

Rocklands campground.gif

Boulder A 1. NO NAME V3/6B 2. NO NAME V3/6B 3. NO NAME V3/6B Climb up the middle of the east side of the boulder.

Boulder K

Boulder B This boulder is balanced on a pedestal. 1. NO NAME V5/6C+ ***** On the east side there is a corner with a good hold on the left side. Start from this good hold to an edge on the right side of the corner. Set up and make a dyno to the lip. 2. NO NAME V6/7A *** Start as for B1 but cross to a good edge with the left and reach up right to a square grip and top out. 3. PROJECT Start on a good hold on the north face and reach far left around the corner to some good edges on B1 & B2, finishing as for B2. 4. PROJECT Start as for B3 and do a long move to a small edge on the north face finishing straight up.

Boulder L

Boulder C 1. NO NAME V5/6C+ *** Starts off big holds on the south face of the boulder on the left end of the boulder. Traverse right. 2. NO NAME V4/6C *** On the left of the south face, sit start and climb the obvious edges. 3. NO NAME V2/5 ** Climb the obvious crack on the east face.

Boulder M

Boulder D 1. NO NAME V3/6B ** Climb on the north face to the left of a small cave.

Boulder N

Boulder E Another precariously balanced boulder on a rock pedestal. 1. NO NAME V1/4 ** Starts on the left of the west side of the boulder, heads straight up. 2. NO NAME V5/6C+ ** Starts as for N1, traverse to the arete on the right & then to the top. 3. NO NAME V4/6C ** Climb the arete on the right.

Boulder O

Boulder F 1. NO NAME V2/5 *** Traverse from left ro right on the west side of the boulder.

Boulder P

Boulder G

1. NO NAME V2/5 ** Rock over into a scoop from the left. 2. NO NAME V4/6C * Sit start with a fin shaped grip & a knob.

The Tea Pot – H This boulder looks like a teapot when looking at the boulder with the campsite in the background. From the lake look almost diectly up and to the left to see a boulder with a roof on the left side. 1. UP THE SPOUT V2/5 ***** Sit start on the south side. climb right and up the spout. 2. NO NAME V6/7A *** Sit start in the roof of the east side. Start on good holds to a sloping edge for the left. Move to a small incut edge for the right and then top out. 3. TEA TIME V10/7C+ **** Start as for H2 and traverse to the left on small edges to finish as for H1. 4. NO NAME V3/6B Climb the undercut arete on the back of the teapot boulder (west side).

The Tea Pot – Q This boulder looks like a teapot when looking at the boulder with the campsite in the background.

Boulder R The Soggy Teabag – I The small boulder on the west side of The Teapot boulder. 1. NO NAME V7/7A+ ** Sit start on the west face, left side. Jugs on the left arete are off route. 2. PROJECT V10/7C+ The slab to the right, features an evil mono for the left.

Homeless Problems We need some help positioning these problems – can anyone assist ? 1. TARZAN MEETS THE ADVOCAT V10/7C+ 2. LORD GREYSTOKE V9/7C 3. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ASS V12/8A+